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How to Plan a Wine Country Vacation

Are you interested in taking a wine country vacation?  If you are, you are definitely not alone.  Wine country trips are increasing in popularity, especially among wine enthusiasts. By taking a wine country vacation, you not only get to sample great tasting wines, but you are also able to learn about the history of wine making, as well as what the future holds for it as well.

The first step in planning a wine country vacation involves choosing a destination.  When we often think of wine country, California is often the first thing that comes to mind.  With that being said, more areas in the United States are being called and referred to as wine country, such as the Finger Lakes area of New York State.  For that reason, your first step in planning a wine country vacation should involve choosing a specific destination. As nice as all of your options are, if you are truly looking to learn about the history of wine and its future, Northern California’s wine country should be examined.

Once you have decided on a destination, for your next wine country trip, you will want to decide how you will get there.  Making all of your travel arrangements and well in advance of your intended travel dates is important.  You may need to make airline reservations, car rental reservations, or map out a road trip with your own car.  As a reminder, be sure to plan ahead.  Planning ahead is particularly important for long distance travelers, as the biggest cost of taking a wine country vacation is often associated with travel.

In keeping with making wine country travel arrangements, it is also important to examine your overnight accommodation options.  You will want to remember that you do have a number of different options.  These options include vacation resorts, hotels, and bed and breakfast inns.  Many of your options, in terms of overnight accommodations, are located a reasonable distance away from the heart of wine country.  For a nice home like and hassle-free stay, bed and breakfast inns should be examined.  In fact, many large wineries and vineyards may have onsite overnight options for travelers.

It is also important to decide what you want to do and see on your next wine country vacation.  Wine tours and wine tasting are a must.  Typically, you will find that wine tasting and wine tours are combined activities, especially if you are on a guided tour.  Speaking of guided tours, be sure to research your options ahead of time, as many are limited in the number of reservations they can accept.  On the other hand, if you would like to visit wineries and vineyards independently, you will want to examine your options online.  Which locations have open doors for tourists and what are their admission costs or wine tasting prices?

Speaking of cost, you will want to make sure that you set aside money for your next wine country trip.  This is important if you are on a budget; try to set aside a few dollars a week before your trip.  Be sure that you have enough money to enjoy your next trip to wine country to its fullest extent.  As previously stated, wine tours are an important part of taking a wine vacation; therefore, ensure that you can afford them.  Also, many wineries and vineyards are known for their amazing gift shops, many of which are right onsite.  Having extra money will allow you to buy gifts, like wine country gift baskets, for those back home or souvenirs for yourself.

As highlighted above, there are a number of important steps that you will want to take, should you be interested in visiting wine country.  By making all of your travel arrangements well in advance of your trip, by researching guided tours, as well as vineyards and wineries that you can visit independently, your next visit to wine country can be a dream vacation.
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